70’s Black Biker Movie comedy (Out of Sight)

OK Kiddies, this is going to be a tough one. I think it was titles “Out of Sight” but I cannot find anything about it anywhere in the web.  As memory serves and as best as it could be since at the time I was both stoned and drank an entire pot of esspresso. It was some time in the early to mid 1980’s when I saw this movie on NYC (Queens) NON- CABLE (Channel 9 i think) it was on late night and it was a comedy from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. It involved a black biker gang being chased by the Ku Klux Klan the FBI and local Police, for what I dont remember exactly but the police car had a HUGE red light on top. All the music was typical of 1970’s Sly Stone style. I dont really have any more info. Please help even if you just remember anything about it. Thank you!


Tony T-Bone

6 thoughts on “70’s Black Biker Movie comedy (Out of Sight)

  1. No that is NOT it, it was a comedy and I have done exhaustive research and came up with nothing. But thanks!

  2. That’s it!! I cannot believe you found it, been searching for years thinking it was a weed induced delusion!!! Thank you, and you have to admit, it’s one damn funny biker movie even if your not Stoned!!! But it can’t hurt!!!!!

    Thanks again,

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