3D animation movie with robots and aliens

its an old 3D animation movie(like pixar’s movies, actually not sure) just with a more anime kinda style.

the story starts with the main hero going to some event and then an alien invasion starts and after that we have a time skip and we see that humans now live underground. the main hero decides to take his girlfriend up the surface or something and his girlfriend gets killed.

after that he join the army and we see a scene where he fight and faints and and wakes up in this power rangers looking headquarters where he gets a robot and meets other people with robots.

i remeber that after that there was a fight in the desert and that the final fight was in this icy place?

thank you  very much.


2 thoughts on “3D animation movie with robots and aliens

  1. its not that but thank you
    the movie i am talking about is a 3D animation movie first
    2)its a scifi movie more or less it has this power rangers a bit of a feel
    it stars in this futuristic city where the main hero is going to some sports event i dont know, and then bammmm an alien invasion starts then time skip and we discover that now humans live underground because if that invasion,main hero goes outside with his girlfriend and his girlfriend gets killed and after that he goes to the battlefield and faints and awakens in this power ranger kinda place and gets a giant robot to fight the aliens.

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