2x foreign films, and 1x from USA

The first film I saw while on vacation in Germany around March of 1991 or 1992 playing on TV.

The only scene I remember was a man that had been made by assembling together parts of different people. He was shown in full frontal nudity, and the parts used included both Caucasian and a black skinned person. (SOLVED: Suddenly Last Summer)

The second film (I think) I saw only 2 scenes from while on vacation on the TV, while at a resort in Mexico on the Mayan Rivera, during the beginning of November 2016.

The first scene showed a man stopping a horse drawn coach at the edge of a cliff. He bludgeons the horse’s head with a hammer (I think), the makes the coach and dead horse go over the cliff. A young boy is in the coach, and is gravely injured by the fall, and ends up at the base of a tree in s forest.

The next scene starts with a man, possibly with a woman, in a hut/house  in a village. Government officials are coming into the town, and the man escapes into the forest. He finds the gravely injured boy.

After this my dad changed the channel 😡.

The third I have never seen, but read about the plot. The movie has a young woman who is set up with a man by his mother. The man is secretly gay, and using her to cover this up. It ends with the couple on vacation at a beach. The man is in the water and a hang of young boys kills him, with it being possibly being hinted at that this is revenge for him sexually molesting them.

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