1994 Memory of Something Horrorish.

This must have been back in 1994 because my mom was flipping through the channels before or during an airing of Gary Larson’s: Tales from the Far Side Halloween special on CBS, so this must have taken place in mid to late October. I’m pretty sure we were also going to watch one of the Simpson’s Tree House of Horror episodes within the hour as well.

She stopped on a channel briefly and this is how I would describe the scene.

A young woman, maybe a young girl, possibly in a while dress was staring out a window down at her mom from a suburban home. I think there were also a bunch of cops or paramedics in the cul-de-sac, they were there because something had just happened but it looked like it had been resolved.
I think the girl was smiling like something terrible had happened but it was all over now, then we see the girls point of view and the glass window shatters in a jump scare and something comes through and attacks her.
I’m not sure if this was a movie or a television show, but it felt like it was at the end of it.
I don’t remember if credits came on next or if my mom just changed the channel.
It was in color but it kind of seemed like the film was grainy, like it might be from the 80’s or 70’s but it could have been current to the 90’s. I don’t remember if I heard any dialogue but It sort of had a Dario Argento feel to it maybe. Like Suspira or something. It definitely felt horrorish.
Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “1994 Memory of Something Horrorish.

  1. So you’re saying it’s not “Suspiria”? Here is a similar scene but it’s near the beginning of the movie. Does it look like this?

  2. Thanks for trying with the videos. Do you have a link that might work?
    I’m pretty sure it’s not Suspiria, but maybe I’ll have to give it another watch just to be certain.

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