1980s Spy/Military movie

This was a movie from the late 70s or early 80s, and I believe it was reviewed by Siskel & Ebert.

All I can really remember is one scene in which a commando/spy character –like a James Bond–is skiing down a mountain evading people (Soviets?) trying to kill him. At one point he hits a jump which takes him over the ski lodge’s deck (where incredibly people are still dining during this gunfight, if I recall) and does a mid air spin, shooting his pursuers –also in the air–with a MAC 10 or Uzi.

For the longest time I thought it was called The Specialist (not the 1994 movie) but I have not been able to find that title online anywhere.  I want to say this predates the Arnold and Stallone movies and it seemed to be in the spirit of a James Bond movie.

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      1. Thanks but unless the scene continues, it’s not it. I may have conflated parts of this scene with my memory of this film (e.g.landing on the table) or maybe one of the movies borrowed from the other. The scene that I’m remembering was the guy being chased taking off a mogul or convenient jump and his pursuers following suit. In midair he does this twist so he’s facing them and shoots them out of the air with a submachine gun.

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