1976 Animated film about a pair escaping a dystopian future

So, this morning my teacher went on a tangent and described a film he saw at a theater in 1976, and I would like to discover the identity of the film for him!

It was apparently an animated, psychedelic film geared towards adults, set in a dystopian future. A boy and a girl are trying to escape and go off on a big adventure. Eventually, they discover a wonderful, peaceful society which is made up of women only. They have no need for men because they have developed the technology to fuse two eggs to procreate. This society accepts the girl, but obviously tells the boy he is not welcome. Being a romantic sort of tale, they both leave that society together instead of splitting up.

That’s all the details he gave, other than there being cartoon nudity and such.

All of my googling has been fruitless! And apparently my teach has also never been able to figure out the name of that movie. I would be so happy to figure it out and remind him! Thanks for your help

One thought on “1976 Animated film about a pair escaping a dystopian future

  1. Doesn’t seem to exist if it is a feature length film. The only animated feature from the seventies that would be in the ballpark is Fantastic Planet, but it doesn’t have any of that.

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