1970s (?) movie. Character with prosthetic ‘multi-tool’ hand! Help!!!

Trying to find out the titlae of a movie I saw in the 1980s (I think).  I am guessing this is probably a film from 1970s or 80s.  Can’t really provide a great deal of info other than it was an ‘action’ movie and there was a small group of characters (in all honesty I can’t remember whether they were the ‘goodies’ or the ‘baddies’!) but one of them was a guy with a prosthetic hand.  A metal, rather clunky looking thing, but it had these really cool gadgets hidden inside.  I do recall a scene where the group were locked inside some room (was it in a Swiss ski lodge or similar?! – not sure why that picture is in my head!) and this guy dislodged the little finger (I think) of the prosthetic, to reveal some lock-picking gadget.  Found it fascintating at the time.  Trying to relay the tale to a friend recently and can’t for the life of me remember the title or how the plot panned out.  Anyone out there able to help? Pleeeeease.

3 thoughts on “1970s (?) movie. Character with prosthetic ‘multi-tool’ hand! Help!!!

  1. If the guy with the mechanical hand was a bald black man, it may have been an episode of the Quinn Martin TV spy series “A Man Called Sloane.”

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