1960s newyorker versus rednecks

The film begins with rednecks in a truck towing another redneck on a board down a slope. The towed man crashed into a barbed wire fence. A city-dweller with his wife on holiday is harassed by them. He defeats the ring leader with a karate blow.  I forget the rest.

4 thoughts on “1960s newyorker versus rednecks

  1. the board-and-fence scene is at the beginning of The Shuttered Room (1966). but the rest of your description does somewhat match up with Straw Dogs. i suspect that you are confusing the two films.

    1. Thanks a lot. It was definitely The Shuttered Room, I now see. I only saw the beginning of the film at the time. The karate blows too are there in The Shuttered Room.

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