1930s or 1940s movie about two performers

I watched this movie years ago on TCM. It was one of the very first old hollywood movies i watched and I didn’t know actors back then, so i have no idea who starred in it. I believe it was made in the 30s or 40s because it was in black and white and was not as perfect as newer black and white films. I dont remember much, just that the movie is about two performers, a man and a woman, who are struggling in the industry. I’m not sure if they performed in a theater or a circus but i remember a scene in which the woman is trying to encourage the man who is feeling down because of his bad luck. I believe she was becoming successful but he was not. One thing I know for certain was that the woman would call the man “funny face”.

I remember falling in love with this movie which led to me watching more TCM and movies from the golden age of hollywood. I even named a contact on my phone “funny face” because i couldn’t stop thinking of the movie. I have tried searching for this film for  a really long time and would be very glad if anyone could help me find out what it is.

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    1. I’ve seen the remake of that film, but I’m not sure the 1937 version is what I’m looking for. I believe they worked in the theater or circus, not the movie industry and i couldn’t find a single quote in which the woman called the man “funny face”. In the movie I’m searching for the woman’s nickname for the man was “funny face”. I’ll watch it just to make sure. thanks

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