10 Years I’ve been Searching

Movie I have been looking for many years.

Two scenes I remember, one is where a man is at a pay phone and hes like in a panic / psychedelic state (Not really on drugs) but you know those like weird scifi / horror scenes type deal. Hes using the payphone outside a restaurant when a group of either people or kids rush him I can’t remember if its just a a really quick day dream flash or if he runs or something.


Second scene he is on a grey hound type bus in a type of distorted reality or strange scenery he goes to this giant tower a sort of horror / scifi vibe to it. Like Stephen king, but Iv’e checked every king movie adaption.

I am almost certain it was either a mini scifi movie or a mini 2 part series on scifi.

This would of aired around 1998 – 2002 or earlier.

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